Angels, pontefract cakes and rock bears (weird)

By Noah- On our way down from Lindissfarne we managed to see the Angel of the North just out of Newcastle. We pulled over to get a better view of this enormous monument…







We stopped for the night in what would be our last campsite on this trip. The next day we had a look into the nearby town of Knaresborough, a town famous for Mother Shipton’s Cave.

Mother Shipton’s Cave is Britain’s oldest attraction with interested and puzzled people going there since 1630. The reason tourists (like us) and many other people go there is the world famous petrifying well. Petrifying means turning something into stone and is exactly what has happened to many bikes,teddy bears and odd items. Water drips down from the rock face above and falls on items turning them into stone. The reason is as follows: one mile further up the stream the water erodes mineral rich rocks, picking up calcium carbonate as it goes, it is this mineral which causes the objects to turn into stone. The same process is involved in making stalactites and takes only three months.


Odd items at the petrifying well

Odd items at the petrifying well

Our last stop on this epic adventure was another of mum’s must see places, Pontefract. As the name suggests this town is where the liquorice pontefract cakes were first made. Also being the home of Haribo we just had to buy some special packs.

Mum's favourite

Mum’s favourite


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