Ich bin ein Berliner!

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

Architecture is everywhere

Architecture is everywhere

The oldest church in Berlin

The oldest church in Berlin

Steps: 20,624

Distance: 14.37km


By Noah – On our second in Berlin we were ready to go and see some more famous sights. Our first stop was the famous Alexanderplatz, which was a cattle market before becoming a centre for tourists and businesses. Today, it hosted a large market where you could buy everything from liquorice to key rings, woolly hats to phone cases. There was certainly something for every one. Next, we ventured into the old part of Berlin that hadn’t been rebuilt since the end of the war in 1945. It was there that the oldest church in Berlin still stood strongly to this day, with its twin spires dominating the sky. However, it wasn’t impossible to see the modern influence on the city with the television tower shooting into space behind. The very different design of the church was very unique and even I haven’t seen one like it anywhere else around the world.

The next place on our list was the garden surrounding the television tower. Here, there was large fountain dedicated to Neptune, the God of the oceans. The four Prussian rivers were also depicted in the sculpture as amphibious humans. Here there was also a church which had a very interesting piece of artwork depicting the emigration of women from the surrounding area. The next place we went to was arguably the most impressive piece of renaissance architecture in the city: The Berlin Dome Cathedral. This enormous structure is visible from all around the city and it’s iconic green dome is a marvel to look at. We also went on a tour of the dome to get a better view of the city around us from above which was a great place to have a camera.

Our last stop today was the Topagraphy of Terror museum. The name is given due it being based at the location of the infamous Gestapo and SS headquarters. The free exhibition delves into the lives of those in the time of the wall and how the differences between the East and West sometimes led to violent riots. It also explains how minorities such as Jews, Homosexuals and East Europeans were treated by the GDR. It was a very powerful and moving show on a site that was the very centre of bad deeds and discrimination in the east of the city.

Like the previous day, this route had taken us a long way from home so another train ride was undertaken to return to our Air BnB tonight.


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