Another day in Berlin, another 14.5km


Distance:14.5km (9.01miles)

By Noah – After visiting pretty much everything of interest in Berlin over only two days, our third day was put together in the morning with the help of a map. After ruling out one location, due to it being miles away, we were left with the German Historical Museum, Bebelplatz, Gendarmenmarkt, and a by late entry: Prenzlauer Berg.

We had passed the museum the day before and were interested in what might be displayed within so we were happy to know that we would soon find out. It hosted a large array of wartime relics, both from the WW2 and after it. There was also a very lengthy film about how Germany and the land it owned had developed since the 2nd century. The next exhibits concerned medieval times and the rule, and eventual collapse, of the French occupation of Germany. Although we didn’t quite understand all of what was being said about the objects on display, we still gained a thorough insight into the history of Germany.

Our next stop was Bebelplatz, a square depicted in many famous films for its reputation during the war. This was the square where the Nazis built towering pyres of books before burning them as a show of not supporting freedom of speech. We then moved onto a square that was full of architecture and history. Gendarmenmarkt hosted two amazing buildings that were completely set apart from the surrounding apartments and flats.

After browsing through what little we hadn’t done already, my mum found a small neighbourhood just east of where we were staying and we decided to go home via this area. Also, today being a Saturday, there was a large market on down the main avenue where many local jams, jewellery, and fresh fruit were to be bought. We then continued on home with a soya milk ice cream each to cool us down.

I can safely say that Berlin has been a great city to travel in and explore, despite what many say about its size. We have both thoroughly enjoyed our time in this wonderful city and can’t wait to see what else Germany has to offer. Our next stop, Lübbenau…


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3 Responses to Another day in Berlin, another 14.5km

  1. asthaguptaa says:

    That’s lovely to read! Glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

  2. Neil Lloyd says:

    Great update. Thanks Noah

  3. Brenda Millichap says:

    Well done Noah, another very informative blog, your daily step total is keeping well up.

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