Missed a Bit

By Noah –  A more alert and attentive of our readers will have realised that I have missed out two day’s worth of posts. ‘How can this be?, what could have happened?’. But don’t worry, all that has happened is that we were temporarily in a Wi-Fi no-zone and so were unable to post any blogs about our most recent adventures. As usual, we have trying new things and going to new, exotic locations and the past few days have been no different. Our town was Lübbenau, in the UNESCO world heritage site that is the extensive network of canals that run through Spreewald. Naturally, me and my mum had to test the waters and so we went on a full day excursion of the canals. It was great fun and very tiring despite a few minor problems: our map was totally wrong, and our kayak had a rudder that was foot operated by me. Never, never, ever in a million years choose a kayak with a rudder over one without one as it made for very difficult turning despite what we had envisioned. We’ve just arrived earlier today in Dresden and can’t wait to look around tomorrow. I will post another blog in a few minutes about today so stay alert. 

Lübbenau. A place of canals, wildlife,  and aches and pains in the morning.


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