Dresden, part 2

Steps: 10,143

Distance: 7.02kmBy Noah – on our second day in Dresden we decided to venture over to the other side of the Elbe, a much newer part of town but it still had its hidden spots. Our first stop was a Japanese palace. The only area of this that was accessible was a large open courtyard in the centre of the palace. This courtyard had lots of pillars that were each supported by an individual figurine that was intricately chiselled into an array of poses. Our next destination was a very tall church with a viewing tower at the top. The views at the top were the best of all of Dresden, or at least that’s what the guide said! It was closed to us due to building work going on at the base. We then journeyed on to our next stop, Kunsthofpassage. This was a simple area behind some apartments that had been converted into an open air art display. This made use of the perfectly flat building fronts and was a great place to stop for a cup of tea which we didn’t have.

We then went on to the most beautiful dairy in the world. And that’s according to the Guinness book of records. First, I tried a softeis which is basically the German version of soft ice-cream. This was so nice that we both had to try a glass of milk. In my opinion, this was more of a yoghurt and tasted absolutely disgusting. My mum managed to drink this and finished mine as well. After getting rid of the bad taste in my mouth, we walked along the river to have some lunch. In need of something to kill a bit of time, we went to a nearby shopping mall to look at what German people like to shop for. 

We returned home after seeing literally everything that Dresden had to offer and couldn’t wait to venture down the Elbe towards Bad Schandau…


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