How many flights of stairs?

Steps: 19,386

Distance: 13.31km

Flights of stairs: 92

By Noah – Today was the day we had allocated to explore the Saxony Switzerland National Park that we are now in. We had looked ahead and decided, after much deliberation, to climb to the Schrammsteine viewpoint and a German climber had even told us that the views were one of the best in the world. This was marked out as 417m above us. Thankfully, yesterday’s rain clouds had disappeared off the horizon and the sun was out in full. The starting point for our hike was possibly the world’s oldest lift that ran vertically up the mountain side. As we climbed, we passed through many forests and impressive corridors caused by the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. One of the many different and unique ways to get up the mountain was by ladder. These were ordinary metal ladders, drilled into the rocks and our legs noticed there could be up to five flights in a row. These ladders definitely contributed the most to our stair total. When we got to the top, the views did not disappoint. They stretched for miles on end and were some of the best 360 degree views I have ever seen. You could see mountains far away, trees everywhere, and the Elbe river far down below. Then we began our slow descent back to Bad Schandau, the ladders being no less difficult on the way down. When we finally got back to a café to eat kaffee and kuchen, we were utterly exhausted. We had seen some of the best views in the world and were much better off for it. Our next destination, the capital city of a whole new country all together: The Czech Republic…


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One Response to How many flights of stairs?

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    Hi, this sounds very impressive but also really scary, not sure I want to go climbing so many ladders

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