Castles and Caches

By Noah – Today was our first full day in Prague and to avoid the early afternoon heat -and I mean heat- that we had been caught out in the previous day we left before nine in the morning. We decided to split the day up into three sections, going back to the comfort of an air-conditioned room in between. Our first section was to the Prague Castle which was nestled high up on the hill. You might have recognised it from a previous blog, see ‘Sunshine? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Sunshine? Czech!’ if you don’t. This is a palace complex, centered around St. Vitus’ Cathedral, and some of stonework can be dated back to the 9th century. Nowadays, it is the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic but in the past it has  was the location of the throne of Bohemia, The Holy Roman Empire, and the Presidents of Czechoslovakia. It is also the world’s largest ancient castle and is built in the Baroque and Mannerism styles. Having left very early, we were rewarded with a very small queue for tickets and got in almost hassle free. When we arrived, we completely ignored the numbering system used at the castle and went straight for the cathedral. After seeing all of the different parts, including numerous polygonal chapels, we went back outside and then decided to follow the numbering system. This led us first to the story of Prague which told of how this city had come up, at first, only around the castle but then spread over the river in the continued expansion of the city. The next place we went to in the castle complex was the Golden Lane, so called because it drew in alchemists looking for fortune from around the castle. It is made up of many small brightly coloured shops that now house souvenir shops and a large collection of mediaeval armoury. After this, we went back to our hotel to plan the next part of our day.

When we next went out we had several geocaches planned to find and these took us past other sites such as the John Lennon memorial wall. This geocache was well hidden behind a lamppost but unfortunately the wall had come loose, letting the cache fall out of reach. Undeterred, we turned onto a bridge before stopping halfway and onto the island below. We knew where this cache was but there were lots of other people around so we had to do a lot of bench hopping to find the right one.

After returning back to the hotel for the second time, we went back out to see the narrowest street in the whole of Prague. Another geocache was waiting for us under the main bridge, and we quickly found and logged it. We came back to the hotel, tired and worn out after a day of wandering around Prague. But with one more day to go, we can’t rest just yet!


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