Very tired now…

By Noah – Today was our last full day travelling round Prague and our last full day on this wonderful journey. Today we decided to see everything on the other side of the Vlatava river so that we could confidently say we’ed been everywhere and seen everything in Prague. This started with a trip to two synagogues: Pinkas Synagogue, and Old-New Synagogue. The first was shut but the latter was open to the public so we went inside to have a look. When I went inside, I was given a Jewish Kippah that symbolises respect for a higher power. The synagogue itself was quite small and very basic, only having a highly decorated altar and chairs all around the outside. 

The next place we went to was the main square in Prague. The main attraction there was the Prague astronomical clock. Built in 1410, this is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest still in use. It has many dials and hands and it had many different sections to tell you lots of information about when you are. The different parts tell you: the position of the sun and moon; sunrise, sunset; moonrise, moon set; what phase the moon is in; the time( in local Prague time); the time( in unequal hours); the time( in old Czech time); what the date is; what the current sign of the zodiac is. All this information was crammed onto two medium sized discs that were constantly moving. Also, on the hour figures moved and bells rung.

The rest of our day was spent going round the other side of the river and visiting any old building of interest we could find. We returned home early, tired, but happy about our day and what we had seen.


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