Gastown and Waterfront

Steam clock


By Noah – Today was our second day spent exploring Vancouver and we decided to go back into downtown to walk around Gastown. This involved another bus journey but today’s trip was a lot smoother despite travelling through the poorest areas of the city. So called due its founder ‘Gassy’ Jack (gassy here being used to mean talkative), Gastown is the oldest part of Vancouver with many buildings dating from the Victorian and Elizabethan eras. The main attraction in the area is a steam powered clock, however today, it is electrically powered but still puffs smoke to give that illusion. After this, we went on to the waterfront and Canada Place to look out over the water and watch the seaplanes take off. After lunch, we returned to both the waterfront and Gastown to do some geocaching and found 3/3. If you haven’t heard of this activity I recommend it as it takes you to many areas of cities you wouldn’t normally visit. Tomorrow we will meet with a relative to explore Granville Island and its geocaches…


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