Granville Island

The globe shaped science world

Bridge to Granville Island

Steps: 14,093

By Noah – Today was our third day in Vancouver and we spent it with our Canadian relative, Claudia. Having lived here for 16 years, she was able to give valuable insights about the history of the area and helped see the city completely differently to if we had just used our own knowledge. She gave us a local tour of the small island of Granville, nestled between downtown and West Vancouver, of the local, artisan shops and the popular tourist sights. We also introduced her to geocaching and found two caches in and around the island after looking for some and seeming quite odd! We then took a seabus journey down False Creek, a section of  water dividing the north and south to give us a different perspective of the city. This included the recently developed Olympic Village – built especially for the 2010 Winter Olympics – the science world, colourful murals on cement silos created by Brazilian artists, floating houseboats, sports stadiums and many skyscrapers in the heavily built up centre. We also managed to spot a sea lion’s head on the journey but hope to see more of the body in Victoria on Tuesday. After the river cruise, we went on a walk, via another geocache to a well known pub in the city that had many board games to play with inside and keep you busy. Returning home by the skytrain, we were hoping for pleasant weather for the following day when we would be walking around Stanley Park…


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