Kayaking in Jasper

Beauvert Lake

Downtown Jasper

Steps: 9,310

By Noah – After pulling into Jasper late yesterday night, we spent the night in our spacious basement just south of downtown and the main shopping area. We had an excellent sleep in very comfy and large beds that gave our mosquito bites, from the previous nights, time to disappear and in the morning we were ready for the day ahead. At about 10:30, we were in the car and on our way to Beauvert Lake to hire some kayaks for the morning. Before we reached the lake, we passed through a very luxurious lodge with expensive but amazing looking log cabins that backed onto the lake. We hired two single kayaks for two hours and spent all of it exploring the beautiful green lake from our boats. The water was crystal clear which meant we could see right down to the bottom and even spot some golf balls that had been over hit from the greens surrounding the lake. Also surrounding the lake were massive mountains that towered above us and made us feel extremely small in our little kayaks. In the early afternoon, we returned to Jasper to find some lunch and explore the mountain village. Jasper is a small town on the Athabasca River that many travellers use as a base for winter activities and sports in the parts of the Rockies close by. There is also a skytram that takes people halfway up a mountain for spectacular views and hikes available to the peak for even better views of the other peaks in the area.This is as far north as we go and tomorrow we’ll drive south down to Lake Louise and Banff for the last three days of our trip to Canada…


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One Response to Kayaking in Jasper

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    I don’t see much difference to this shot and the canal back home!

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