Jasper to Lake Louise

Mistaya Falls

Lake Louise

Steps: 15,633

By Noah – After spending a very enjoyable day in Jasper, we were up early at 7:30 to lève for our next destination, Lake Louise, some 250km (155 miles) south. We set off at 8:00 sharp and despite our sat nav wanting to take us on a 700km (430 mile) scenic detour, we were back on Icefields Parkway retracing our route from previous days. Our first stop was Mistaya Canyon and Falls, only just off the main highway but a very deep canyon. It was so far down you could barely see the water gushing through at very high speeds. We drove for another half an hour before stopping for the second time, at Bow Lake for a short walk around a very green lake that has become very commonly us now. In the early afternoon, we arrived at a very busy and packed Lake Louise with car parks that were impossible to even get in for all the traffic around us. We parked the car at our accomodation and took a shuttle bus to the lake. Being the second largest glacier fed lake in the world, Lake Louise itself was extremely busy and a very popular tourist destination for travellers from all over the world. To get a better view away from the crowds, we hiked 1.5km up a steep incline to a great vantage point that gave us great views of the entire lake. Returning to our small chalet for the night, we only have one full day left in Canada and hope to make the best of it tomorrow…


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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