Banff and Boardwalks

Cave and Basin Historic Sight

Beautiful Boardwalk in Canmore

Steps: 17,810

By Noah – Today,our last full day in Canada, was the hottest day so far and included our customary long walks and sightseeing stops. We set off from Lake Louise and pointed our car in the direction of Banff, partly on the scenic route. Our first stop was the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, where the idea for Canada’s national parks came from. Discovered by three Canadian railway workers in 1883, the area comprises of hot springs, rich in sulphur and minerals and famed for their restorative powers as well as modern day signs to help you understand the history. Our next stop was Banff village itself where we visited the Buffalo National Luxton Museum, a museum about native cultures and the buffalo herds that they based their lives around. After Banff, we drove to our last stop of our trip, the small riverside village just west of Calgary, Canmore. Only 12,000 people live in this town situated in the Bow Valley but it has a beautiful boardwalk and great weather. We had a very interesting (awful) Canadian meal in a local pub and despite trying elk pie, we were all excited by the prospects of Safeway and donuts. Tomorrow we fly from Calgary in the late afternoon to land in London the next morning…


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1 Response to Banff and Boardwalks

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Looks like another awesome day in an excellent trip. Enjoy the drive to Calgary

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