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Baroque jems in Dresden

By Noah – Today was our first day exploring a new site on our way down south, Dresden. Famed for its old churches and beautiful architecture, this is a wonderful city that just needed to be explored by my mum and … Continue reading

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L├╝bbenau to Dresden

Steps: 13,276 Distance: 9.25km By Noah – We have now arrived in our next destination, Dresden, and have Wi-Fi which means I am now able to share more of our stories with the world. We had a very quiet day today … Continue reading

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Missed a Bit

By Noah –  A more alert and attentive of our readers will have realised that I have missed out two day’s worth of posts. ‘How can this be?, what could have happened?’. But don’t worry, all that has happened is … Continue reading

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101 of our best travel experiences (not in order)

snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, cooking octopus balls in Kyoto, rock climbing in Wanaka, visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium, high-speed travel on the bullet train, cooking smores in Yosemite, hiring a campervan in Oz, using a toilet in Japan, couchsurfing with … Continue reading

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Raise a cyber glass to 12 months off work and school

Back in November it seemed as if this day would never come, yet here I am already packing away my teaching resources and sorting through a rather smelly PE bag. A combination of snow and sickness reduced my normally enthusiastic … Continue reading

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