Our Itinerary

Our 2014 itinerary – In complete contrast to our first trip we’re now thinking local rather than global. A round-the-world ticket definitely cuts down flight costs but this time we’ll be scouring the Internet for last-minute flights around Europe. Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Turkey are all on wish list but we also want to spend time getting to know the UK better.

Our 2011 trip taught us that it’s best not to plan too far ahead as you’re then free to take up many wonderful, unexpected opportunities. Neither of us need much to travel with and with an airport and railway station on our doorstep we need little more than a few hours notice to get our next adventure underway.

We invite you to join us on our second mum and son backpacker adventure.

Our 2011 itinerary – When you’re handed the world and given a year off work and school it’s very tempting to imagine a route that not only circumnavigates the globe but also touches down on every continent. But more continents generally means more money and it definitely means more immunisations and health risks. So, in the interests of all those concerned our itinerary errs on the side of caution. After all, it’s not going to be the only round the world trip we’ll take!

Our round-the-world tickets take us first to west coast America, then down to New Zealand, before heading to Australia six months later and finishing in Japan. Other than three international flight dates being already set our itinerary is pretty loose.  On previous trips we have learnt that overplanning can limit spontaneity so given the generous amount of time we have it seems more natural to make it up as we go.

Join us as we leave Birmingham on our first mum and son round-the-world trip.


5 Responses to Our Itinerary

  1. dawn edgeley says:

    hey guys , how lucky are you both and your very brave sam xxxx
    take care of yourselves and keep us posted .
    love sam , dawn jacob and sasha xxxx

  2. Lisa Chaplin-Cook says:

    Hi Sam,
    Anne told me about your trip and this website. This is a wonderful opportunity for Noah and I am sure that you will both manage fine.
    Will keep tracks of your adventure on here.
    Take care, love Lisa

  3. Randy Hyshiver says:

    Hi Sam & Noah,

    It was wonderful, and quite inspiring to have met you both. Best Wishes and Exciting Travels as you continue your journey around the World.

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